Idea Building — Your Privacy
[FACT] With the development of the Internet, more and more Internet products come into being, but the following is the problem of network security.
[PROBLEM] Most network users believe that network security is the responsibility and obligation of network companies. Many users have weak awareness of Privacy Security.
[WANT TO ACHIEVE] I will investigate how to raise users’ awareness of Privacy Security and help users to know how to manage the privacy.
Final Topic —
[TOPIC] Privacy Awareness On the Internet
[QUESTION] How can we promote people’s awareness of Privacy Security on the internet?
[SUMMARY] Because network information is virtual, people are not aware of the danger of personal information on internet product. Privacy Policy is an important part for users to learn the company how to deal and use these personal information. ​​​​​​​
Visual Development —
Mood Board — Concise, Intelligible, Accessible
Posters Design —
Deliverable One — Website + Plugin
Privacy Policy is the content that the company must provide to users according to the law, so every Internet company has it, but almost all privacy policies are full of several pages of screen words, boring, complicated and difficult to understand, so
few people will read the privacy policy. My design simplifies the content and expresses clearly by simply extracting important information and deleting non-important information as the main solution. Visually, I use the combination of icon and pop up window to enable users to read important information more quickly, and then understand the privacy protocol to improve the security of personal privacy.

Before + After​​​​​​​
Deliverable Two — Exhibition
Lots of people are curious about the direction of their information when they are using internet, even thought the answer is in the privacy policy. As we know privacy policy is too long and boring to read. So I visualized  the privacy policy in an interactive way and make people pay attention on this content. I connected people’s action on the computer and activity of personal information as make people understand it easily and faster. For example, when user inserted their name on the computer, they can see where the information will be sent by facebook through the animation on the screen. Also, I have another part to guide people to set their account in the app on the phone to ensure their privacy security.
I will launch an event in the tech museum because most people don’t care about the importance of the Internet Privacy. If I hold an independent exhibition, it is estimated that very few people will go to it, which loses the significance of promoting education. I hope to turn the Tech Museum audience into my audience, to achieve maximum promotion. So I will design an interesting interact way to show the privacy policy in the tech museum.​​​​​​​
Animation —
Ticket + Brochure —
This is the ticket and brochure for the privacy policy exhibition. They are combined together for the convenience of visitors. The overall shape of the ticket is the shape of the mobile phone, which corresponds to the content of the exhibition. Staff can scan or tear the bottom barcode area to check. Putting out the folders inside is a brochure for the exhibition, including a brief introduction, a map, a flow of the exhibition process and functions, etc.
Deliverable Three — App
Through the first two deliverables, let users understand the importance of privacy and security, the third deliverable is mainly to let users how to conveniently and quickly set personal privacy when using Internet products in daily life. Maintain vigilance for personal privacy and security. 
I designed an app in which users can set the privacy of all other apps on their mobile phones. Because privacy settings are complex and distributed in many places of setting page, all of them are unified in one app, which makes it easier to operate. And in this app, I reorganize the content of classified privacy settings, so that users can better understand and operate.

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